Meet Casey Mitchell, a sweet interior designer looking for love in all the wrong places.

After Casey experiences a horrendous speed-dating night hosted by a psychic drag queen named Glitter, he’s ready to give up on finding prince charming.  However, his spiritual loving mother, Naomi, and best lipstick lesbian pal Alexia won’t let him turn the towel in yet.  While Alexia forces Casey to attend Glitter’s next social mixer, Naomi prays to an alleged sacred goddess named Mother Ama Krianna.  She feels Krianna (who lives in Hawaii) is the key to love for Casey and constantly yearns for her guidance.  On top of all that, Alexia’s controlling girlfriend Tyana wants her pregnant ASAP.  The catch is, Alexia will only accept Casey as her sperm donor.  She is waiting for the right moment to bring this up and that drives Tyana nuts!

Casey ends up at Glitter’s event with his wanna-be actor office assistant Niko. As Niko networks his career, Glitter admires Casey’s successful appearance and offers him a psychic reading.  During Casey’s hesitation and wallowing, she notices a charming handsome screenwriter named Dave Ryans checking him out.  While Dave slowly approaches them, Glitter describes his appearance and informs Casey about his love life taking a turn for the best.  Unfortunately, drunken Niko interrupts by spilling a cocktail all over Glitter and Casey leading to a scandalous brawl.  Immediately, Casey storms off leaving his fabulous Prada jacket behind but Dave retrieves it finding Casey’s wallet as well. Once Dave shows up at Casey’s front door, a spark and revelation begins.  After some amazing dates and intense kissing, Casey convinces himself that he has finally met “the one”.  As his active imagination runs wild, Naomi and Alexia question his fantasy-come true.

Meanwhile, Glitter dreams of taking a long expensive vacation to Hawaii.  However, a massive stack of unpaid bills and eviction notices become a huge obstacle for her desired get-away.  She will do anything to make her wish a reality. Naomi eventually meets Glitter striving to sell tarot readings on the street.  She feels Mother Ama Krianna has brought Glitter to her as a futuristic gift.  Although Naomi is mesmerized by Glitter presence, Glitter is terrified of Naomi. 

As three weeks of bliss go by, Casey proclaims his love for Dave.  Out of left field, Dave admits he is taking Prozac but Casey overlooks this and plans a candlelight evening to make everything right. Unfortunately, his special night ends in confusion as Dave confesses a planned Hawaiian solo retreat to clear the mind. Before his departure, Casey anxiously waits for a promised phone call.  Sadly, the telephone never rings and Casey begins to lose his mind.

Only the bizarre and twisted combination of Mother Ama Krianna, Glitter, and Naomi will guide Casey towards his destiny with the hopeful love of his life.

Photos by Sonia Keshishian --